Working Group 4: Regulation of Electricity and Gas Markets

Energy markets allocate resources and efficiently match supply and demand. Market design and regulations have a major impact on the efficiency of the market and investment decisions. A well-designed market contributes to the integration of large numbers of small generation facilities, low prices and security of supply. A better understanding of the respective domestic markets also helps businesses in both countries identify business opportunities.

The working group’s core topics are:

  • The core energy market data register for renewable energies and its application in Germany
  • Select consumer topics (including guarantees of origin)
  • Importance of the Green Deal for European energy markets and the European single energy market as well as recommendations for action for Türkiye
  • Functioning of the gas markets

Our Experts

Dr. Annegret Groebel

Dr. Annegret Groebel

Co-Chair WG 4
Director International Affairs / Regulation Postal Services


Dr. Hakkı Özata

Dr. Hakkı Özata

Co-Chair WG 4
Head of Organised Wholesale Electricty Market