Working Group 2: Energy Efficiency

The efficient use of energy decreases costs and facilitates the decoupling of economic growth from CO2 emissions. Therefore, it plays an important role in decreasing CO2 emissions and fighting climate change. Efficiency gains require smart concepts and sustained investments in buildings, infrastructure and production facilities by the government, businesses, and private citizens. The working group explores how instruments and support mechanisms can incentivise further investment in energy efficiency.

The working group’s core topics are:

  • The Energy Efficiency Fund and related instruments
  • Development of the Energy Service Company (ESCO) market
  • Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) pilot projects in the private and public sectors

Our Experts

Ersoy Metin

Ersoy Metin

Co-Chair WG 2
Head of Project Support Department
Energy Efficiency and Environment Department


Steffen Joest

Steffen Joest

Co-Chair WG 2
Head of Division Industry, Mobility & Energy Efficiency